Summer Offerings-- Get Outside & Move!


Summer Offerings-- Get Outside & Move!

Join me for two different formats outside!

2015-07-09 Norway1.JPG

Backyard Yoga

Followed by wine & friendship
Select Fridays this Summer


Join me for a yoga practice outdoors this summer! This stunning backyard looks like it could have been photographed for the pages of Anthropology. Stay afterwards to mingle with friends, sip wine and munch on light bites. Even if you're more of a Pilates person, please come out and give it a try- my Alignment based Yoga teaching will compliment the Pilates method well. Plus, who can resist hanging out in this oasis on a summer night? Located near the intersection of SW Oleson and Scholls Ferry, this dreamy backyard is about a 10 minute drive from downtown.  

Exchange: $15
$3 discount if you register & pay in advance.
Respond to this email to hold your spot! 

Fridays at 5:45pm
June 21
 July 12
August 9
Sept 20
Oct 11

6660 SW Dover Street
Portland, OR  97225-1005

*Please bring a yoga mat & snack or wine to share


Outdoor Boxing and Core


On Thursdays in June & July we will take it outside the MAC to the pickle ball courts off the terrace of the parking garage for a dynamic workout. We will go through mitt drills, postural drills and Pilates and yoga. Both Tony and I are excited to see you all again as we learn boxing fundamentals and strengthen our core while getting some fresh air under the trees! 

When: Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm in June and July- 6/20, 6/27,  7/11, 7/18 & 7/25. (Skip July 4). Please attend 4 of 5 sessions.
Where: Outdoor pickle ball court off parking garage 
Cost: $34 per session 

Who: MAC Members
Space is limited! Reserve your spot by emailing


Indescribable Africa Plus Spring/Summer Offerings

Jambo Beloved Students!


I’ve just returned from an incredible, indescribable journey to the motherland of Africa. I believe Africa has changed me forever, like nowhere else on earth. And if you’ve been following me for some time, you know my world travels are fairly wide. The feeling of being a part of and inside nature is indescribable. The wonders I saw are memories my family will share as a secret, simply because we don’t have the words to explain. How could we describe the vast, dusty expanse of land we drove along, paths made by elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, ostrich and countless more? It is a different order of existence. I have seen God’s work in many places in this world, yet this continent felt more primal, like we had gone back to the beginning. The sunsets take your breath away, as do the stars. Seeing zebras and giraffes share the same waterhole and the plains of an unfathomable number of wildebeest living symbioticallygives a sense of peace. Their world is mostly in harmony, rocked only by the lions and hyenas, but such is nature. Africa has colors you didn’t know came from nature and content and happy Masai villagers living as hunter gatherers by choice in the untouched, vast plains. Africa is a resting place with music of the wild- snorts, brays, barks, squeels, roars, trumpets and chirps. There is a profound sense of space in Africa, not only in the land and sky, but in spirit and heart.

Although there is a part of me that always craves to travel far and often, I am always so happy to return home to you, my faithful students. The work I do with movement feeds my soul. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming workshops this spring and summer. Read on for info and respond to hold your spot! More Africa photos are featured toward the end of this newsletter. 



Join me for a non-impact conditioning class designed to strengthen and rejuvenate through the pure techniques of Pilates, Yoga, fitness and ballet. Moving through an intentional playlist of music, the class seamlessly incorporates alignment principles, balance, posture, and full body awareness. 
Space limited- register by responding to this email
First Friday's 
The Ellove Technique at Pacific NW Pilates
April 5th, May 3rd, Aug 2nd, Sept 6th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th
$18 pay ahead

$20 drop in


I am excited to team up with Dr Lindsey Nelson, the MAC in-house Naturopath, for a workshop on Thursday, April 25th from 1:30-3pm. Join us to gain an understanding of digestion and learn yoga postures that specifically target the digestive organs. No experience necessary- the yoga will be gentle and accessible, and you’ll come away with knowledge of natural treatments options for optimizing the GI and how to enhance digestion through nutrition. I have been on my own GI health journey and yoga + naturopathic care has been instrumental in my recovery- hence the inspiration for this workshop! Cost: $45. Sign-up online at or by calling At Your Service

My husband Tony and I are teaming up once again to offer a combination of our specialties! We had so much fun last summer teaching this workshop of boxing technique and conditioning with the added balance of core strength & stabilization exercises. We will take it outside of the MAC to the pickle ball courts on the terrace of the member parking garage to enjoy the nice weather, fresh air, and great workout! No experience necessary. Please contact me to hold your spot as we expect this to fill.
Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm
6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25
$34 per session. 

Respond to this e-mail to register.
Limited availability, hold your spot now!


Photos from Safari in Tanzania
March 2019


Plyo Boxing & Core

Plyo Boxing & Core


Technique, intervals & core strength

Are you looking for a way to get back into a routine in January while hanging out with your favorite fitness couple? Sign up and commit to a new format of high intensity movement drills combined with core and flexibility led by The Louie's! Plyo Boxing and Core offers the best of both sides of the equation that will lead to a more balanced body. I hope you will join us in this fun format.

My husband Tony and I have begun teaching a format of different movement modalities that complement each other quite well. Tony is a strength coach and personal trainer that will bring movement, strength and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to this workshop, while I (Mandee) excel in training for stability, core strength and dynamic flexibility through my Pilates & Yoga background.

What will this format look like? We will begin each class with dynamic functional movement drills like bear crawls, walkouts, reverse hurdles then learn as Tony breaks down proper boxing technique as you prepare for HIIT.  Proper form maximizes results and will help you develop strength, be more explosive, and well balanced on your feet. We then move to train the abdominals---a key component of boxing and overall fitness. Then I'll will lead the group through challenging core exercises followed by a yoga strength and flexibility cool down, ending with a few moments of mindfulness and breathwork to complete the experience. 

We are excited to spend our Friday late afternoons with you this January! Class will be from 4:30-5:45 in the Team Training Room. We encourage you to grab a friend or family member and sign up. Make your Fridays fun and healthy by working out together and then heading off to dinner or a something fun. That's what we plan to do! 

Committing to a weekly workshop to start off the year is a great way to set the tone for your year. You are more likely to stay on track if you sign up and schedule something into your routine. There are a few spots left so hold your spot now by responding to this email! 

Fridays, Jan 4- Feb 1, 4:30-5:45
Attend at least 4 of 5 sessions. Limit 8 participants. $34 per session
Sign-up by emailing or responding to this email. 


With gratitude,

Mandee Louie

Santosha Pilates, LLC

Moving Mindfully In September Workshops

Moving Mindfully In September Workshops


Start your Fall off Right by Committing to Mindful Movement


Seeking balance in our lives can be challenging as we hear messages in our world of “work harder and longer”.  A healthy reality would be to work hard and rest well. You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself. That’s where self-care comes in; where we slow down to take of ourselves so we can work better for others and care for our loved ones.


Taking time to self-care is more likely to happen if you register and commit to a mindfulness based workshop. The benefits of mindful workshops at the MAC are deep. Committing to trying a new thing is the first step. Having something on the calendar makes it more likely that you will take the time for yourself. Whether you’ve never tried a single mindfulness based movement or meditation class or you’ve tried them all, there is always something to learn and gain, and it can help kickstart and inspire a healthy habit.   

As we transition into fall, look for ways to create routine out of wellness and self-care. Setting an intention to participate in wellness activities is a way to re-focus on yourself. I’d love to help you with this goal in my 3-series workshop in September. This is a great opportunity to slow down and take time for yourself in a class where you’ll be given individual attention. We will move through new and familiar Pilates & Yoga exercises using props such as the ball and band. This is a great opportunity for those interested in taking group ex classes to start in a small group with more Instructor feedback, and for those interested in exploring more about the body-wide network of fascia. I’d love to see you there! Space is limited--hold your spot now.

Monday mornings in September (10th, 17th & 24th)
Team Training Room, 8:30-9:45am, $105
Register at YO910
Or reply to this email for more information.

See you there,

Why July 13th Is So Special

Three Years Since I Made The Leap!


It has been three years to the day since I accepted my dharma, my true calling. I walked out on what I thought was a blessing, an opportunity that tons of women my age would give their right arm for.

Some of you know about my years slinging product for a major sports company. One of the best in the world, actually. A slogan that people know in all corners of the globe. And for some reason, that dream job just didn’t do it for me. I appreciated the allure of the brand, the benefits, the consistent paycheck. Those are the things that kept me hanging on, always trying to peer around the corner to that next promotion, that next thing that would make me happier. I was always looking to that next thing, and it never showed up. There was a stirring in my soul letting me know I wasn’t in a place where I was best utilizing my talents.

But I had a little secret on the side. Pilates. And Yoga. Not only was I practicing on my own to keep my sanity, but I had gone through teacher training on the evenings and weekends. I spent most of my down time for a year studying an intense Pilates program. My thought was that I could teach on the weekend for fun, and then one day, 10, 15 or even 25 years down the road, if I was lucky, I would just teach. The training would be a good thing to have under my belt should I have kids and want to work just part time. I never expected it would be any sooner than that time frame and definitely didn’t think I could do it as a single woman. After I took an extremely challenging test, I became fully certified and began moonlighting as a Pilates Instructor. This was my passion, and I pursued it in my downtime, slowly working and growing my side hustle. My corporate job was still the main focus, but my heart had long escaped from that cubicle.

All this time I traveled. I traveled the world on my paid vacations, taking 10-day or two-week trips to all the places I wanted to go. Sometimes I could convince a girlfriend to go with me, sometimes I went alone. And it was on these trips that I had space away from my cluttered inbox and angry bosses that I could really envision my purpose. Getting away does wonders for bringing clarity and courage. Here is a photo of me in Thailand, on a tiny remote little beach. It was here, laying on my back in the water, that I had an awakening about what had been happening.

The universe (God) had been sending me all these little messages about my dharma, my life purpose, and I had been refusing to listen based on fear. It was here that I knew that I would need to quit my life-draining gig and move onto something where I could better serve. And it turns out my side-gig was serving plenty of people, helping them post-rehab from injuries, getting out of pain due to bad postural habits, and inspiring them to get fit through Pilate’s incredible system of movement.

I began to pray consistently for more signs and affirmations that this was my purpose. That I was supposed to leave this very sought after company, leave my stability, 401K, stock options and also the intense grind. But they didn’t come. It was just this extreme nagging at my soul that said, “yes”. You know the feeling. Some people call it intuition. I call it God. I can’t explain it any other way. It was a nagging that I realized had been there for months, maybe even years, and I finally let myself listen to it. And finally--on July 13th, 2015-- I quit.


I am no different than you. I had no guarantees. I simply followed that stirring in my soul. I listened. I lept into an empty swimming pool and it turns out that by the time I reached the bottom, God had filled it with water, giving me a launching pad to my dharma, my life.

Since I took this leap, I have gone from teaching 5 sessions per week to 32 and now back down to 20-24 with room for special workshops. I have led all sorts of fun classes and began teaching retreats. Shortly after I quit that job, I met my future husband. I have continued to travel far and wide, and it is on those travels that I have my most creative moments that inspire my new career. It is something about that space that travel or retreat gives us that brings out the best in us.


If you feel a stirring in your soul, I encourage you to listen. I did, after some time. It wasn’t immediate. I had some profound moments of clarity while away on a yoga retreat in Nicaragua eight months prior to leaving that probably set the waters in motion for this change. I knew for sure after that retreat that I should probably make some moves to get out of there and start doing what I love. Who knows what would have happened if I had listened sooner. There is something about the space of getting away that allowed me to go deep and get to know myself and what I was made for. I learned that there is not going to be an affirmation or confirmation that this is going to work: you must have faith that the universe will support you and hold you.


So, cheers to three years of living my true calling. Thanks to your support, I have built my business to a comfortable, fulfilling and balanced level. Today, I have no doubt that I was always meant to get to this place at this time. Yes it was scary to leave that job. But it wasn’t the one for me. This one is. I am a Pilates and Yoga Instructor. I lead weekly classes and private session for people post-injury, in pain or with postural issues. I lead fun events like Wedding Day Pilates & Yoga and Backyard Yoga for girls nights or just because. I teach retreats both domestically and internationally. I travel to other countries to lead workshops. I even teach at the corporate gym of that company that I left! Full circle it is. I am forever grateful to all that have crossed my path.

May you be inspired by that voice in your head. The one you want to ignore. Let go the fear and listen. You will be provided for!

In gratitude,

Mandee Louie




Summer Offerings- Backyard Yoga + Wine & Friendship


Summer Offerings- Backyard Yoga + Wine & Friendship

Enjoy outdoors in the Pacific NW.....

Backyard Yoga

Followed by wine & friendship
Saturday, June 16th, 4:30pm


Join me for a yoga practice outdoors this summer! This stunning backyard looks like it could have been photographed for the pages of Anthropology. Stay afterwards to mingle with friends, sip wine and munch on light bites. Even if you're more of a Pilates person, please come out and give it a try- my Alignment based Yoga teaching will compliment the Pilates method well. Plus, who can resist hanging out in this oasis on a summer night? Located near the intersection of SW Oleson and Scholls Ferry, this dreamy backyard is about a 10 minute drive from downtown.  

Exchange: $15
$3 discount if you register in advance.
Respond to this email to hold your spot! 

6660 SW Dover Street
Portland, OR  97225-1005

*Please bring a yoga mat & snack or wine to share



Coastal Mountain Rejuvenation


Join me for a long weekend at a beautiful lodge tucked beautifully in the Oregon Coast Range! We will practice yoga, Pilates and mindfulness while experiencing nature, friendship and the art of stepping away from routine. Expect plenty of time for walking, hiking, biking, reading and other rejuvenating activities. 

My own experience on a retreat four years ago was the catapult to making a dramatic life shift from corporate career woman to Pilates and Yoga Instructor. After working the desk by day and moonlighting as a Pilates Instructor for years, I gave up the hustle, bustle and grind of corporate life for a less complicated and rewarding way of spending my days. Going away on retreat can create the space you need to think clearly and move forward in your life in the ways you were created to. I am incredibly grateful to be able to bring this experience to my beloved clients. No matter what your life purpose is, it can always be made more clear with space and mindful practices over a serene weekend. 

The weekend is all inclusive of three nights lodging, fresh and delicious meals prepared on site with local ingredients, and practices of yoga, Pilates, meditation and breathwork. The Coastal Mountain Sport Haus Lodge is located less than an hour from Portland yet is surrounded by all the splendors of nature. The Inn features a stunning Yoga & Pilates studio equipped with props. 

Say yes to rejuvenation and relaxation! 

Pricing depends on choice of accommodations:

Women's Bunk Room $575
Double or Triple Occupancy Twin Beds $675
Double Occupancy King Bed $700
Single Occupancy King Room- only one available! $799
*Price is per person. Each lodge room has a private half bath. A shared shower room is located in the main lodge. 

Space is limited, especially for the double rooms. Sign up now!
For more specifics including the registration form, please visit the retreats page on my website.

Notes from past weekend retreaters:

Magical moments. So special and rare. The “recipe” to me was the connection of amazing women- I’m honored to be the oldest yet not wisest. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share time and nature and fun and food and love- oh yes, let us not forget the magical yoga practices. Thanks Mandee for making this “wrinkle in time”:)
-Andrea Speck-Zulak

Thank you for a very special time on retreat! The location was stunning, calm & welcoming. The food was delicious, so thoughtfully prepared & nourished our souls as well as our bodies. The meditation & yoga practice was just right and wonderful. The spa night, charades, hikes, hot tubing & talks were added treats! I am truly blessed to know you and honored to spend a remarkable time you!
Namaste, Linda Smith



Who In the World Is Mrs. Louie?


It’s me! I’ve officially changed my name. Doing teaser in my wedding dress and posing for the photo above was exhilarating on its own, and combined with already feeling all those happy feelings on our wedding day, I would say that photo is full of emotion!

Since being married I’ve tried to step back and notice what shifts I want to take in my teaching and to make any necessary scheduling changes. What I’ve found is that what I was doing before was working pretty well. And I’ve began listening to you and what you want.

First things first, those of you that couldn’t go to India have spoken and asked for a retreat closer to home. Through some of your prompting a retreat has been born! We will practice yoga, Pilates, meditation and more for a long weekend in April. We will hike, relax and eat together. Three and a half days of Alignment of body and mind near Mt. Hood sounds like a dream to me. This retreat is already sold out by students in my Tuesday 8am Yoga class, but don’t worry as I will be offering another one with more availability in the Oregon Coast range the weekend of September 20-23rd! You’ll be the first to find out as I finalize the details, but save the date for now. I truly hope you will join me! 


10am Jumpboard
11am Int/Adv Reformer
 12pm Beginning Reformer

Noon Reformer

4pm Reformer/Barre Series (NEW!)

5pm All Levels Reformer
6pm Int/Adv Reformer

7am Mat Pilates
 10am Reformer
 Noon Circuit
1pm Reformer/Barre Series (NEW!)


Other Opportunities at Pacific NW Pilates (near the Zoo on Westgate Drive) 

Tuesdays 8am Mindful Yoga/Pilates

Wednesdays 11am Reformer

Email me to confirm space.


The Magic I Brought Back for You


I’ve just returned from a magical retreat experience in balmy Southern India and I am dying to share it with you! Our time was spent immersing ourselves in the culture, getting to know the locals, practicing yoga & Pilates, relaxing on the beach and getting luscious Ayurveda massages and treatments. We drank coconuts, meditated on the beach, ate delicious Indian cuisine and drank more than our share of masala chai tea. We took a few trips north and then far south, seeing different villages and even experienced Ashram life. But most importantly, we all left India a little bit different. We are better for knowing this side of the world, seeing things with a new perspective and learning about ourselves. We experienced what it’s like to truly take a time-out from the real world as we know it and be nourished by a new land and its culture. 

Saying yes to retreat was brave and adventurous for all of the souls who came to India. Retreats are transformative in nature, bringing space to create new practices that shed light on what’s important to us. My first retreat 4 years ago brought about incredible life changes for me, and I witnessed some of the students on retreat last week in India going through similar internal dances of growth. The magic they are bringing home from Mother India is full of lessons that will transform and revitalize. I am so excited to see the lifelong impact this experience will undoubtedly have on each of them. And although I was halfway across the world, a piece of my heart was still back home with each of you, my faithful students whom I love. I am so happy to be coming home to full classes of dedicated students like you! You truly make my days magical (or as magical as they can be when we’re not practicing in front of the Arabian Sea and gorgeous sunsets!) 

If India was not in the cards for you this year, give yourself a chance to find some of this magic in your own way. Have a mini-retreat moment and meditate on what you need to let go or add to your life. It may be self-care today, to get back into a practice you’ve let go or to seriously go after a dream. Some of you might need to say yes to a little bit more downtime to get to the root of rejuvenation, or simply want a break to focus on wellness. If that’s the case, I’d love to guide you in the art of stepping away on a weekend retreat. I’ll be offering several long weekend retreats outside of Portland in the next half of the year. Think mountains, beach and in between. Stay tuned to be a part of this magic!


Follow Along As I Adventure To India!


In just a few short days I will be arriving in India, blurry eyed from a long flight but awake with adrenaline. My soul will flutter with anticipation of what’s to come…..long days filled with sunshine, yoga, coconuts, chai tea, beach umbrellas, fresh juice, curry and naan, ocean breeze and relaxation. I’m excited to share my love of this colorful country while delving into yoga, Pilates and self-care. Many of you have expressed how deeply you wish you could be coming along with me. I wish you were too, and pray that one day you will leap into the adventure of retreat-ing! You can follow along on my adventure as I post photos of the retreat on Instagram. Even if you’re not an Instagram user, you can click on the link to see photos!

It’s in the high 80’s in Kovalom, a welcome break from our Winter in the West. I’m looking forward to practicing and teaching in the yogashala on the rooftop of our guesthouse, our yoga studio for the week. My teacher will be there to share Vinyasa sequences and to delve into the spiritual side, strengthening and developing the ancient yoga practices outside of movement. I’ll be dissecting movement to create proper form as so many of you are used to from my classes as well as offering several targeted workshops, all while overlooking the Arabian Sea. I will be introducing the concept of fascia hydration and teaching a specific offering on awareness of the Pelvic Floor. And of course everyone will have an opportunity to do a private postural analysis and address any nagging injuries. When I’m not on the beach or doing yoga, I’ll be taking advantage of the lushious Ayurveda treatments available in this area such as massage, oils, and the ancient healing practices of this mind-body system of health!


Psssshhhh…. Because so many of you wished you could come along but are more keen to stay closer to home, you’ve convinced me to expand my offerings. Stay tuned for info on a September weekend retreat offering in a serene and natural environment, but within an hour from home!


New Year's Special for India Retreat - You Won't Want to Miss This!


You probably know by now that I am offering a relaxing wellness retreat to India March 4th-10th. Good news---I am offering a special to current students. Book before January 15th and receive $100 off. BONUS: Bring a friend to room with and receive an additional $50 for both you and your friend! Details can be found on my website and I’m sure you’ll have additional questions so email me to set up a time to discuss! I am happy to help with the flight and your visa process--I’ve done this all before! All you need to do is be ready to relax and rejuvenate come March. I can also help advise for pre or post retreat travel in India. 

Not a current student? Don’t fret….you have likely taken a class with me before if you’ve signed up for this newsletter. Just take a class in January to qualify! I guarantee you’ll be hooked anyway:) 

What can you expect from this retreat? 

Escape the grind by retreating to rustic Southern India for a wellness retreat focusing on YOU. This is an opportunity to seek space for rejuvenation, exploration and peace. The state of Kerela has a tropical climate and the beach culture of the Kovalam area will allow you to shed the layers and congestion of the west as you practice self care and relaxation in a natural environment. Take part in two classes each day of Yoga and Pilates, sprinkled with cultural activities and other wellness opportunities like meditation, breath technique and a private postural analysis. Delight your tastebuds with Southern India’s cuisine, soak up knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s sister science, and experience luscious Ayurvedic treatments, the ultimate in self-care. 

For more specifics and FAQs please visit the India page on my website.
Sign up now to get retreat special pricing! Offer good until January 18th.


A Simple Gift From Me


Today I have much to be grateful for. A warm place to cozy with my family and simple comforts and joys like fluffy blankets, books, organic food and warm drinks. I am grateful for you, someone who has come into my life as a student seeking wellness through Pilates and/or Yoga. Without you to teach, my pursuit of sharing this passion wouldn’t go far. When I began this pursuit part-time more than five years ago, I never imagined I’d be able to give up my corporate job. Thanks to your consistency and commitment, here I am. I admire your dedication to your practices and your desire to continue learning through movement! 

I’d like to share one of the simple joys in my life as a simple gift to you this season. Healthy food makes me feel oh-so-much better everyday, but I still have a sweet tooth from time to time. I am sharing my go to paleo dessert recipe, and trust me, it’s delicious and nearly guilt-free. You can combine making and eating this food with a mindful eating practice to turn it into a self-care activity. Did you know your body doesn’t digest food well unless you’re relaxed? Your digestive system needs to be in a parasympathetic state (non-stress) before it can do its job. Otherwise, the food just sits in your belly waiting for a moment of peace! So, take a moment to relax, breathe, and appreciate and enjoy this healthy little taste of joy. You can find me sitting on my couch snuggled in a blanket, no phone, no tv, with a warm mug of tea and this snack. Even taking five minutes to sit in solitude makes me feel renewed.

Chocolate Ganache Pudding

¾ cup coconut cream (from a can)

¼ cup cocoa powder

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of sea salt

Tip: I buy coconut cream at Trader Joe’s. You can also use a can of coconut milk if you put it in the fridge so when you open it, the cream has risen to the top.

Instructions: Whisk the coconut cream, cocoa and maple syrup over low heat until smooth and silky. Continue to cook for about 2 minutes or until it comes to a boil with small bubbles. Remove from heat and stir in salt and vanilla. Taste and add more maple syrup if you’d like it sweeter. Pour into individual containers and chill. You can also put it in one larger bowl to divide later. I love to top this with cacao nibs for a little extra decadence! 

 Enjoy this dessert with a side of peace and quiet!


How Do You Self-Care?


In theory, the holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing. However, it can quickly become crazy and hectic. Decorations, parties, baking cookies, attending holiday performances, shopping and out of town guests….how does this leave time for self-care? All these festivities are so joyful, but can easily become just another thing on your to do list if you over-schedule and under care for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the season and let time for self-care slide. It’s important to take care of your body and mind by avoiding over-scheduling and doing things you love that bring you joy. Taking even a few minutes a day to be still, mindful and away from devices can make a world of difference! 

Imagine if you did that for a week….in India! This month may be too crazy to focus on self-care, but it’s always possible if you plan ahead. Give yourself the gift of a restful March by booking a Pilates & Yoga Wellness retreat to India. Leave the congestion of this world behind and step into the tropical oasis of Southern India. Join me for two classes each day of Yoga and Pilates by the Arabian Sea, sprinkled with other wellness opportunities like meditation, breath technique, Ayurveda treatments and a private postural analysis. The birthplace of yoga is the perfect place to escape to for relaxation while refining your movement practice. Your tastebuds will be delighted with Southern India’s cuisine of spice, texture and sauces, including lentils, native fruits, coconut oils/milks and curry leaves. You’ll have the opportunity to soak up knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s sister science, and experience luscious ayurvedic treatments, the ultimate in self-care. I’m looking forward to curling up with chai tea in the morning and drinking coconuts on the beach in the afternoon. The state of Kerela has a tropical climate and the beach culture of the Kovalam area will allow you to shed the hustle and bustle of home as you relax in a natural environment. 

Questions? I can answer those via email by responding to this message! We can plan a call or meet-up to talk more in depth. I hope you will take care of yourself by saying YES! See you in India!


There's Something Different About Me... I'm Married!


Marriage is the most profound thing I have ever done. The commitment is monumental, the premise behind this union is so deep. The act of exchanging sacred and holy vows while surrounded by the most important people in our lives was truly the most emotional thing I have ever experienced. The entire season of engagement, wedding and honeymoon was a flurry of love, support, excitement, praise and generosity. I have never felt so rewarded than in this season of my life. One of the most valuable things gifted to me in this season were the numerous cards with words of advice and encouragement from those who have experienced this union before us and those who believe in our future. I have read these cards over and over, sometimes weeping at the outpouring of love. My favorite among them were:

“The ultimate act of sharing”

“Change, grace and connection are the glue that holds it all together”

“Some thing are sacred and just for you and your husband to know”

“Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly and love extravagantly” 

“Always build your spouse up, brag about him to others, never tear him down,; he will no doubt be doing the same about you”

“Quiet moments of true connection will ensure your individual journeys intertwine”

The most popular words in all the cards were happiness, adventure, and many years.
Being married has its perks-- one of them benefits you! It has left me more time to focus on the quality of my teaching without having to worry about the quantity of classes. You can expect to see me begin to explore this next phase in my life and see where this extra space leads me. I am unsure the exact direction, but I know it includes taking many more trainings and adding in more components to my teaching from trainings I’ve completed. Among these trainings include fascia techniques, exploring Barre on the reformer, more Iyengar based Yoga teachings including sharing info on the Yoga Sutras, pre and post natal Pilates & Yoga and more!

Tell me, what is your marriage advice? What would you like to see me teach more or less of? Reply in the comments!


It's Back...Ski and Snowboard Conditioning Workshop!


This fall marks the fourth year running of the MAC Pilates Ski & Snowboard Conditioning Workshop! This circuit class will utilize the Pilates equipment to focus on strengthening the core, quads, hamstrings and glutes while improving balance and coordination. Past participants have noted a huge improvement in their mountain sport. I have heard time and time again how much the core strengthening has contributed to huge strides in performance on the mountain. 

What is special about the Pilates equipment and exercises that will improve your mountain sport? The Pilates principles encourage postural alignment and the exercises build core strength that will result in a remarkable different in your speed down the mountain. You will have a renewed strength and awareness that will help you stay centered over your skis or snowboard all season. Since most of skiing is eccentric work, or lifting when the muscle lengthens, exercises on the spring loaded Pilates equipment can be highly effective in training for mountain sports. Resisting the downward pressure can help mimic when you are going into a turn on the mountain, with inertia and gravity pushing you into the ground.

The workshop follows a circuit format that will get your heart pumping as you explore movement on 3-4 pieces of Pilates equipment, staying on each piece for 3 minute segments before moving along to the next piece of equipment in a 55 minute class.

Classes are limited to six participants each, register now to ensure your place! Only a few spots left! 

Multnomah Athletic Club Pilates Studio
Sundays at noon
Wednesdays at 4pm
Oct 29-Dec 29

Cost: $256 for one session per week for eight weeks
$512 for two sessions per week for eight weeks.
Register by responding to this email.

For the Love of Chai


Cardamom, ginger, peppercorns and cloves are some of the things that make up a strong chai. In India, Chai is not just a drink. It is a concept, an experience. A cup of chai can break barriers between strangers, invite get togethers and allow simple chats to linger longer as you sip cup after cup. It daily unites people with smiles and understanding. 

Milky chai is so loved by the Indian culture. During my yoga teacher training in India, I experienced this delicious drink each morning with my breakfast. When I traveled throughout the country I saw chai being served literally everywhere. All the small roadside vendors sell the beloved chai, and I became accustomed to the many frequent stops on busses or in cars where the driver would stop simply for chai. My initial inquiries would be “Why are we stopping? Is something wrong?” I soon learned that it was simply chai time. No need to worry, just participate. 

I have tried to recreate this delicious drink so many times after returning home. My yoga practice just isn’t the same if I don’t follow it up with a chai. Black tea, cardamoms, fresh ginger, cloves, peppercorns, milk and cream are the keys to success. But I am confident there is a missing factor that only being on Indian soil can create. Although I have made some yummy attempts, nothing compares to the depth and flavor of true Indian chai unless you are lucky enough to travel to India and experience it yourself. May you be blessed with this experience!

Ayurveda - The Wisdom of Life


What is Ayurveda? It’s meaning can often be a mystery to us in the West. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, India’s ancient natural medicine and system of health, healing and balance.

Ayurveda literally translates as the wisdom of life. Through Ayurveda I have come to realize that health is much more than the absence of disease. Ayurveda is all about balance of the mind, body and spirit. 

Many people travel to India specifically to receive Ayurveda treatments. While traveling through India, I have encountered several stories that credit Ayurveda to the reversal of serious conditions such as cancer as well as many who have been healed of skin conditions, digestive issues and other ailments. And then there are those that simply love to enjoy the indulgent massage treatments with natural oils that Ayurveda offers. These massages may be India’s best kept secret! Imagine a therapeutic oil massage, with strokes varying from superficial to deep depending on your need for releasing stresses and strains. Aromatherapy, music and exfoliation may also be a part of your experience. This calm approach brings you into a beautiful state of relaxation. Ideally, an Ayurvedic massage would happen daily to keep stress at bay and heal your mind and body. 

Southern India is an ideal place to learn about and experience Ayurveda treatments. While there I met a guru living in a small village named Ajith. He offered his knowledge and Ayurveda doctors to me and I was able to receive several treatments and learn about this ancient practice. While transformation is a process and cannot take place immediately, it can open the doors for knowledge and course of action, or simply allow for indulgent relaxation treatments. An Ayurveda physician can help you to understand more about your ‘doshas’ (bodily elements) and how to balance your body and mind.

Southern India Retreat - March 4-10, 2018


Escape the grind by retreating to rustic Southern India for a wellness retreat focusing on YOU. This is an opportunity to seek space for rejuvenation, exploration and peace. Take part in two classes each day of Yoga and Pilates, sprinkled with cultural activities and other wellness opportunities like meditation, breath technique and a private postural analysis. Delight your tastebuds with Southern India’s cuisine, soak up knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s sister science, and experience luscious Ayurvedic treatments, the ultimate in self-care. The state of Kerela has a tropical climate and the beach culture of the Kovalam area will allow you to shed the layers and congestion of the west as you practice self care and relaxation in a natural environment. 

Sign up now to get early bird pricing!

India Memories


India is a vibrant culture with so much for the senses to take in. Whether it be the wind of tuk tuks whizzing by on the road or the smell of Indian spices wafting from restaurants and local family homes, or the sound of a woman chopping open a fresh coconut for you to drink by the beach. Brightly colored sari’s adorn the local women and tiny winding streets with handmade shopping treasures entice you to explore. It is full to the brim of endless temples, shrines, churches, mosques, and bazaars devoted to spices, incense and freshly cut flowers. India is made for those with a curious spirit and a heart ready for adventure. 

My time in India has brought me more than I ever imagined. When I first traveled to India, it seemed like a flurry of chaotic and scary experiences were ahead of me. Although it was challenging at first, I quickly fell in love with the easeful pace of life and beautiful hearts of each person I encountered. I particularly loved the tropical vibes in the rustic south on my second visit and got used to a strong beachfront yoga practice and eating mangos while barefoot. Then when I left, my heart ached for the beautiful simplicity of a culture so deep in gratitude with life that they can easily find contentment in any situation. My time in India has brought me a comfort and ease in navigating a culture that can seem overwhelming to some. My dream is to lead my people to this land and give them the rich experiences I have had without the unexpected challenges that can take place while navigating a 3rd world country on your own. I envision this journey to include yoga, Pilates, rest, sipping coconuts, receiving ayurvedic massages and opening your hearts to a grand adventure. 

Stay tuned for more updates as I finalize details about a wellness retreat to Southern India in February 2018!


Fascinating Fascia


Fascia seems to be the new trending word in the fitness industry. I’ve actually been studying fascia for a while now, specifically relating to movement in Pilates & Yoga and how stimulation of fascia can create more easeful, efficient movement. I’m offering some upcoming workshops and classes that will allow an exploration of how pain or tightness in one area of the body can be linked to other areas due to the connections of fascia lines throughout our body. 

What is fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds bones, muscles, nerves etc. Imagine fascia as the water that permeates a sponge: all the nooks and crannies of open space are covered and protected by fascia in the way water fills a sponge. It’s up to us to make sure we nourish our fascia and prevent the sponge from drying out.  Fascia affects muscle quality; when the fascia becomes tough due to dehydration, it loses optimal function. In these upcoming workshops and classes, we will perform small hydration techniques with a band and mini stability ball. You will notice the ease of movement and a sense of openness after exploring movement in some of the fascial lines. For example, stimulating the fascia that run down the back body from the top of our head and down our spine can actually create a sensation of being more rooted in the feet and improving our upright posture. Additionally, we will improve the quality of breath through mindfulness and notice how the breath pattern can help restore and revitalize fascia. After this exploration of the myofascial lines, we will move through yoga poses with an easeful efficiency, and you will leave with a well-organized, vital body.


Friday Focus, Exploring the Fascia Lines

Friday, June 2nd 5:30-7pm at Multnomah Athletic Club. Free for members. 


Good news--if you are not a MAC member you can still experience the Zenga fascial work in 3 upcoming Saturday morning classes at Pacific NW Pilates:

All Levels MELT Length & Strength---featuring Zenga fascial work for these 3 dates only
May 20th, June 3 and June 10 at 8:45 am

This one-hour class will touch on the same topics as the above Friday Focus, in 3 separate classes. Feel free to take just one class or all three! MAC members are also welcome to attend these classes. $13 per class---please mention Santosha to receive this discounted package price on drop-in’s. Regular drop-in price is $16. Call PNWP to sign-up: (503) 292-4409 or respond to this email.