This fall marks the fourth year running of the MAC Pilates Ski & Snowboard Conditioning Workshop! This circuit class will utilize the Pilates equipment to focus on strengthening the core, quads, hamstrings and glutes while improving balance and coordination. Past participants have noted a huge improvement in their mountain sport. I have heard time and time again how much the core strengthening has contributed to huge strides in performance on the mountain. 

What is special about the Pilates equipment and exercises that will improve your mountain sport? The Pilates principles encourage postural alignment and the exercises build core strength that will result in a remarkable different in your speed down the mountain. You will have a renewed strength and awareness that will help you stay centered over your skis or snowboard all season. Since most of skiing is eccentric work, or lifting when the muscle lengthens, exercises on the spring loaded Pilates equipment can be highly effective in training for mountain sports. Resisting the downward pressure can help mimic when you are going into a turn on the mountain, with inertia and gravity pushing you into the ground.

The workshop follows a circuit format that will get your heart pumping as you explore movement on 3-4 pieces of Pilates equipment, staying on each piece for 3 minute segments before moving along to the next piece of equipment in a 55 minute class.

Classes are limited to six participants each, register now to ensure your place! Only a few spots left! 

Multnomah Athletic Club Pilates Studio
Sundays at noon
Wednesdays at 4pm
Oct 29-Dec 29

Cost: $256 for one session per week for eight weeks
$512 for two sessions per week for eight weeks.
Register by responding to this email.