I’ve just returned from a magical retreat experience in balmy Southern India and I am dying to share it with you! Our time was spent immersing ourselves in the culture, getting to know the locals, practicing yoga & Pilates, relaxing on the beach and getting luscious Ayurveda massages and treatments. We drank coconuts, meditated on the beach, ate delicious Indian cuisine and drank more than our share of masala chai tea. We took a few trips north and then far south, seeing different villages and even experienced Ashram life. But most importantly, we all left India a little bit different. We are better for knowing this side of the world, seeing things with a new perspective and learning about ourselves. We experienced what it’s like to truly take a time-out from the real world as we know it and be nourished by a new land and its culture. 

Saying yes to retreat was brave and adventurous for all of the souls who came to India. Retreats are transformative in nature, bringing space to create new practices that shed light on what’s important to us. My first retreat 4 years ago brought about incredible life changes for me, and I witnessed some of the students on retreat last week in India going through similar internal dances of growth. The magic they are bringing home from Mother India is full of lessons that will transform and revitalize. I am so excited to see the lifelong impact this experience will undoubtedly have on each of them. And although I was halfway across the world, a piece of my heart was still back home with each of you, my faithful students whom I love. I am so happy to be coming home to full classes of dedicated students like you! You truly make my days magical (or as magical as they can be when we’re not practicing in front of the Arabian Sea and gorgeous sunsets!) 

If India was not in the cards for you this year, give yourself a chance to find some of this magic in your own way. Have a mini-retreat moment and meditate on what you need to let go or add to your life. It may be self-care today, to get back into a practice you’ve let go or to seriously go after a dream. Some of you might need to say yes to a little bit more downtime to get to the root of rejuvenation, or simply want a break to focus on wellness. If that’s the case, I’d love to guide you in the art of stepping away on a weekend retreat. I’ll be offering several long weekend retreats outside of Portland in the next half of the year. Think mountains, beach and in between. Stay tuned to be a part of this magic!