Marriage is the most profound thing I have ever done. The commitment is monumental, the premise behind this union is so deep. The act of exchanging sacred and holy vows while surrounded by the most important people in our lives was truly the most emotional thing I have ever experienced. The entire season of engagement, wedding and honeymoon was a flurry of love, support, excitement, praise and generosity. I have never felt so rewarded than in this season of my life. One of the most valuable things gifted to me in this season were the numerous cards with words of advice and encouragement from those who have experienced this union before us and those who believe in our future. I have read these cards over and over, sometimes weeping at the outpouring of love. My favorite among them were:

“The ultimate act of sharing”

“Change, grace and connection are the glue that holds it all together”

“Some thing are sacred and just for you and your husband to know”

“Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly and love extravagantly” 

“Always build your spouse up, brag about him to others, never tear him down,; he will no doubt be doing the same about you”

“Quiet moments of true connection will ensure your individual journeys intertwine”

The most popular words in all the cards were happiness, adventure, and many years.
Being married has its perks-- one of them benefits you! It has left me more time to focus on the quality of my teaching without having to worry about the quantity of classes. You can expect to see me begin to explore this next phase in my life and see where this extra space leads me. I am unsure the exact direction, but I know it includes taking many more trainings and adding in more components to my teaching from trainings I’ve completed. Among these trainings include fascia techniques, exploring Barre on the reformer, more Iyengar based Yoga teachings including sharing info on the Yoga Sutras, pre and post natal Pilates & Yoga and more!

Tell me, what is your marriage advice? What would you like to see me teach more or less of? Reply in the comments!