Intro to Pelvic Floor Audio

Intro to Pelvic Floor
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Join Pilates & Yoga Instructor Mandee Louie in an informative audio recording that leads you through the ins and outs of caring for your pelvic floor. This includes breathing techniques to gain awareness of your pelvic floor through detailed imagery that will allow you to connect and sense these muscles. This intro recording can be used again and again as a tool to refresh your understanding of these muscles. This recording is a great tool to put to use what you’ve learned after taking the Becoming Mindful of Your Pelvic Floor workshop, or to use as a stand alone tool if you are unable to participate in the workshop.

Coming soon— a guided meditation that utilizes learnings from the intro recording and in-person workshop. Once you have the basic knowledge of pelvic floor through the Intro to Pelvic Floor recording, we can more intentionally meditate while simultaneously strengthening pelvic floor muscles.


Becoming Mindful of Your Pelvic Floor Workshop

A lack of awareness of our pelvic floor can lead to a weakening of these muscles that impact musculoskeletal, urinary, reproductive and digestive health. It can contribute to issues such as back pain, SI & hip instability. It can affect anyone from body builders to moms to the aging. If you have a body, you have a pelvic floor. Preventive care can make the difference in keeping up the strength of these muscles. Join Pilates & Yoga Instructor Mandee Louie in a workshop to gain awareness of your pelvic floor through detailed small movements guided by imagery.

The pelvic floor muscles act as a sling to support our internal organs. They are seldom used properly and deserve equal attention as other muscle groups we work so hard to maintain. The health of your pelvic floor is increasingly important to avoiding little spoken about issues such as incontinence, prolapse, leakage, postpartum recovery and can help with preparation for childbirth.

Integrating awareness into your daily life and physical routine can help you to avoid pelvic floor muscle weakening and allow you to workout in a more functional way. The workshop will touch on pelvic floor anatomy and teach a gentle sequence of Pilates & Yoga exercises specifically designed to create awareness of and properly strengthen this key muscle group. The workshop is open to all genders.


2018 Pelvic Floor Workshop Dates

May 14th & 21st, 8:45am: Multnomah Athletic Club

July 23rd, 12pm: Nike World Headquarters- Coack K

October 5th, 12pm: Nike World Headquarters- Coack K

November 15th, 1:15pm: Multnomah Athletic Club

December 13th, 1:15pm: Multnomah Athletic Club

2019 Pelvic Floor Workshop Dates

January 24th, 4pm: Private event

January 31st, 3pm: Nike World Headquarters- Coach K

February 25th, 6pm: Multnomah Athletic Club

March 4th, 10:30am: Nike World Headquarters

March 8th, 4pm Nike World Headquarters

May 1st, Private Event

September/October 4-Series Workshop, Multnomah Athletic Club

Contact Mandee today to schedule the workshop at your location.




Why Pelvic Floor?

If you’ve ever been in class with Mandee, chances are you’ve heard her say the phrase “Exhale and engage your pelvic floor” about a million times. Although she follows this up with cues and imagery on what this might mean, it’s quite the complicated subject. There isn't time to talk about how to integrate it into full body dynamic movement in a large one hour Pilates or Yoga class. . Over the years she has found that many clients aren’t sure how to properly engage them let alone what the pelvic floor muscles are. She gets questions about it all the time, and more often than not in private lessons we discover that the proper engagement isn’t quite happening for any number of reasons. So, the workshop to focus solely on this important topic was born. Join Mandee to gain awareness of your pelvic floor through detailed small movements guided by imagery.

Mandee was trained about the pelvic floor muscles through her Pilates and Yoga training. She has encountered an astounding number of clients dealing with many types of pelvic floor issues that often were regarded as ‘normal’ or ‘part of life’. Mandee’s goal is to let people know that things like leakage and pelvic pain are not normal and it can be avoided or improved upon through pelvic floor strengthening. Although she often has a chance to work one-on-one in private sessions, more often clients are coming through group classes with a lack of awareness of pelvic floor or are already experiencing some type of pelvic floor issue. This workshop about becoming mindful of the pelvic floor was born because Mandee desired more time to dive into what exactly are these muscles and how they work. There simply was not time in a Pilates class to go over it in depth. Realizing she herself needed more training, she began consulting with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to hone in on facts and information. This knowledge, coupled with her Pilates & Yoga expertise, allows her to educate her students and bring awareness to this little spoken about subject.

Mandee now offers this workshop at several locations and is open to holding it at your studio as well! If you're the one in class thinking "I think I'm engaging my pelvic I doing it? I'm not sure....but I don't want to ask...," then this workshop is for you. Let's clear up the uncertainty. Contact Mandee today to schedule the workshop at your location. 


Disclaimer: If you are having symptoms of pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and constipation, please see a specialist. In some cases beginning to understand the PF and using it properly may be able to relieve some symptoms but if not, you need to see a specialist.

Contact Mandee at if you are interested in the Pelvic Floor workshop or would like to host it at your location. 


-Absolutely showed me that I wasn’t paying attention to my pelvic floor. Very helpful.

-Great class- conscious control (or use) is a great learning experience. Thank you!

-Great information. Love the physical and biological info included.

-I loved this class! It made clear how to incorporate the pelvic floor in all of my classes as well as at home. 

*Name kept anonymous due to the nature of the topic