Magical moments. So special and rare. The “recipe” to me was the connection of amazing women- I’m honored to be the oldest yet not wisest. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share time and nature and fun and food and love- oh yes, let us not forget the magical yoga practices. Thanks Mandee for making this “wrinkle in time”:)

-Andrea Speck-Zulak


Thank you for a very special time on retreat! The location was stunning, calm & welcoming. The food was delicious, so thoughtfully prepared & nourished our souls as well as our bodies. The meditation & yoga practice was just right and wonderful. The spa night, charades, hikes, hot tubing & talks were added treats! I am truly blessed to know you and honored to spend a remarkable time you!

-Linda Smith


Three years ago, I was an avid runner newly sidelined with plantar fasciitis and nerve damage in both my feet. Barely able to walk, let alone exercise, I was miserable. Luckily, I was referred to Mandee by a friend and gave Pilates a try. Working with Mandee was exactly what I needed! She tailored all the exercises to my limited mobility, and I began to feel myself again through our Pilates sessions. She taught me stretches and exercises I can do on my own if my feet begin to hurt, and has cheered me on as I began doing more advanced moves. Now my feet are nearly healed, but I still train with Mandee every week because of the joy and contentment Pilates with Mandee brings me.

-Molly Matson


I wanted to do something special for my sister-in-law for her wedding so I contacted Mandee about doing a morning Bridal Pilates session. Three of the five of the bridal party had never done Pilates before but Mandee made it easy and relaxing for us all. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and it the rest of the evening went perfect.

-Tiffany Peterson

Photo by Stark Photography

Photo by Stark Photography


Having Mandee lead my bridal party in a relaxing session of Pilates was the perfect way to start my wedding day! She not only helped us find some calm before a crazy day, but also beautifully focused the session on the topic of love. Mandee asked me what type of Pilates I wanted and was able to listen and tailor her plan to fit me exactly. It will be a very fond memory for me when I look back on the morning of my wedding.

-Meredith Bedrick


My doctor recommended I try Pilates to rehabilitate my back after a car accident. My plan was to attend Pilates reformer sessions with Mandee for a month or two until I got the hang of it, then continue on my own or go back to my usual exercise routine. Five years later, I'm still seeing Mandee twice a week for Pilates reformer classes and aim to attend as many Pilates mat classes a week as I can! Not only do I feel better, but I'm in the best shape of my life. Mandee's care and excellent instruction of Pilates has dramatically improved my life.

Mandee was patient and attentive as we worked together to heal my back. She emphasized the principles of Pilates and used those building blocks to safely increase my strength and ease my back pain. Pilates is a perfect regimen for rehabilitation because that was its original goal. Joseph Pilates had been a sickly child and began studying and developing exercises regimens to rehabilitate himself, as well as others in an internment camp he found himself in during WWI. The reformer was a perfect piece of equipment for me after injury because standing up straight for long periods of time was challenging. Being able to lay down and still get a great workout was a game-changer!

Why have I stuck with it for five years even after I met my initial goals? After Pilates classes I feel awesome. My body feels loose yet strong. It's clear I just got a great workout, but the exercises are designed to both stretch and work the same muscle groups so you don't feel as exhausted afterwards. This, along with the focus on flexion (think a sit-up position), extension (leaning back while standing), and rotation (turning your head to check a blind spot while driving) all loosen you up and make you feel better when you leave class. How many instructors have we gone to who make us feel exhausted after our workouts with them? Or maybe we feel fine the day of, but can't work out for days after because we're too sore? Mandee is challenging, but never to the point of injury.

Growing up playing on sports teams, I never saw myself as someone who would be interested in group workout classes. Pilates satisfies that competitive drive in athletes just like playing a team sport did. I just switched from a team to an individual sport! Mandee strives to be a better instructor, regularly attending workshops and classes to perfect her craft and widen her breadth of knowledge. This keeps her workouts fresh and helps her serve her clients with special needs or injuries. She'll often return from a continuing education class and say, "I asked the instructor about your ailment and here's what they showed me!" She has formed a great community with her students. We're enthusiastic, encouraging and dedicated. She sets the tone for a healthy group dynamic that works together to stay strong, healthy, and happy.

-Jessica Russell


Thanks to Mandee for kicking off what turned out to be a perfect wedding day! It was so nice to start my day off with friends surrounding me during yoga & Pilates. I didn't sleep well the night before the wedding, as I am sure most brides don't, and woke up feeling gross and tired. Not the way I was wanting to feel on my day. I was now doubly excited to do Pilates because I knew it would set me straight! And it did. It was exactly what I needed. The hour was the perfect combo of Pilates and Yoga. Once we were done I felt awesome and ready to go for the day!! Mandee was so great and accommodating of the kiddos and everyone's different ability levels. Everyone that came loved the class. I can not thank you enough, it made everything about the day that much better!

Photo by Melissa Nornes Photography