Fascia seems to be the new trending word in the fitness industry. I’ve actually been studying fascia for a while now, specifically relating to movement in Pilates & Yoga and how stimulation of fascia can create more easeful, efficient movement. I’m offering some upcoming workshops and classes that will allow an exploration of how pain or tightness in one area of the body can be linked to other areas due to the connections of fascia lines throughout our body. 

What is fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds bones, muscles, nerves etc. Imagine fascia as the water that permeates a sponge: all the nooks and crannies of open space are covered and protected by fascia in the way water fills a sponge. It’s up to us to make sure we nourish our fascia and prevent the sponge from drying out.  Fascia affects muscle quality; when the fascia becomes tough due to dehydration, it loses optimal function. In these upcoming workshops and classes, we will perform small hydration techniques with a band and mini stability ball. You will notice the ease of movement and a sense of openness after exploring movement in some of the fascial lines. For example, stimulating the fascia that run down the back body from the top of our head and down our spine can actually create a sensation of being more rooted in the feet and improving our upright posture. Additionally, we will improve the quality of breath through mindfulness and notice how the breath pattern can help restore and revitalize fascia. After this exploration of the myofascial lines, we will move through yoga poses with an easeful efficiency, and you will leave with a well-organized, vital body.


Friday Focus, Exploring the Fascia Lines

Friday, June 2nd 5:30-7pm at Multnomah Athletic Club. Free for members. 


Good news--if you are not a MAC member you can still experience the Zenga fascial work in 3 upcoming Saturday morning classes at Pacific NW Pilates:

All Levels MELT Length & Strength---featuring Zenga fascial work for these 3 dates only
May 20th, June 3 and June 10 at 8:45 am

This one-hour class will touch on the same topics as the above Friday Focus, in 3 separate classes. Feel free to take just one class or all three! MAC members are also welcome to attend these classes. $13 per class---please mention Santosha to receive this discounted package price on drop-in’s. Regular drop-in price is $16. Call PNWP to sign-up: (503) 292-4409 or respond to this email.