De-mystifying the Pelvic Floor

I have a gift for you! I’ve created an audio recording called Intro to Pelvic Floor that walks you through how to properly sense and use this muscle group. It includes a meditation in addition to plenty of guidance and imagery on what’s actually happening in this area of your body. This recording is for sale on my website, but I made a teaser clip as a gift for my current students-- YOU! As my gift to you, please listen to the below recording. Mobile device users may need to download to their computer before transferring to their phone.

I hope you will support my passion of spreading the word about this little spoken about subject by listening to your gifted recording and considering purchasing the Intro to Pelvic Floor recording. No one should have to live with unpleasant issues related to pelvic floor. Let’s clear up the uncertainty around this topic and empower you to learn and heal.

Intro to Pelvic Floor

Join Pilates & Yoga Instructor Mandee Louie in a informative audio recording that leads you through the ins and outs of caring for your pelvic floor. This includes breathing techniques to gain awareness of your pelvic floor through detailed imagery that will allow you to connect and sense these muscles. This intro recording can be used again and again as a tool to refresh your understanding of these muscles. It is is a great tool to put to use what you’ve learned after taking the Becoming Mindful of Your Pelvic Floor workshop, or to use as a stand alone tool if you are unable to participate in the workshop.

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