Amy Jossy got married on a peach farm in Hillsboro. She started her day with a Pilates and yoga flow led by Mandee.

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Photography by Melissa Nornes

Wake up on your wedding day with a peaceful morning of Pilates, yoga or both. The morning of your wedding is meant to be blissfully happy, a bonding time with your bridesmaids and perhaps your mom and future mother-in-law.  It’s up to you if you prefer to begin your wedding day with a peaceful restorative yoga class where you can breathe and find some moments of calm before the most amazing day of your life. Or maybe you want an invigorating workout with abs and arm work for one final tone before the photos. No space at your venue or hotel room? Mandee also offers an option of coming to a Pilates studio for this time, which may also allow use of reformers. 

There are 3 options for your morning of the big day. 

Bliss – Meditation, centering, stretching & yoga. Find a moment of zen before you embark on the first step of your journey as man and wife.

Radiance – Yoga and Pilates exercises to get you moving and rev your endorphins for the day. Shine like a beautiful diamond as you flow through Sun Salutations, twists and Pilates core work. 

Jubilant – Full Pilates workout with arms, abs and upper back work to prepare your mind and body for a day full of energy and joy.

Want a combination of the above or a customized option? Mandee meets with each bride prior to her big day to get a feel for how she wants the morning to flow and can create a customized class based on your desires.

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