It’s me! I’ve officially changed my name. Doing teaser in my wedding dress and posing for the photo above was exhilarating on its own, and combined with already feeling all those happy feelings on our wedding day, I would say that photo is full of emotion!

Since being married I’ve tried to step back and notice what shifts I want to take in my teaching and to make any necessary scheduling changes. What I’ve found is that what I was doing before was working pretty well. And I’ve began listening to you and what you want.

First things first, those of you that couldn’t go to India have spoken and asked for a retreat closer to home. Through some of your prompting a retreat has been born! We will practice yoga, Pilates, meditation and more for a long weekend in April. We will hike, relax and eat together. Three and a half days of Alignment of body and mind near Mt. Hood sounds like a dream to me. This retreat is already sold out by students in my Tuesday 8am Yoga class, but don’t worry as I will be offering another one with more availability in the Oregon Coast range the weekend of September 20-23rd! You’ll be the first to find out as I finalize the details, but save the date for now. I truly hope you will join me! 


10am Jumpboard
11am Int/Adv Reformer
 12pm Beginning Reformer

Noon Reformer

4pm Reformer/Barre Series (NEW!)

5pm All Levels Reformer
6pm Int/Adv Reformer

7am Mat Pilates
 10am Reformer
 Noon Circuit
1pm Reformer/Barre Series (NEW!)


Other Opportunities at Pacific NW Pilates (near the Zoo on Westgate Drive) 

Tuesdays 8am Mindful Yoga/Pilates

Wednesdays 11am Reformer

Email me to confirm space.