Technique, intervals & core strength

Are you looking for a way to get back into a routine in January while hanging out with your favorite fitness couple? Sign up and commit to a new format of high intensity movement drills combined with core and flexibility led by The Louie's! Plyo Boxing and Core offers the best of both sides of the equation that will lead to a more balanced body. I hope you will join us in this fun format.

My husband Tony and I have begun teaching a format of different movement modalities that complement each other quite well. Tony is a strength coach and personal trainer that will bring movement, strength and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to this workshop, while I (Mandee) excel in training for stability, core strength and dynamic flexibility through my Pilates & Yoga background.

What will this format look like? We will begin each class with dynamic functional movement drills like bear crawls, walkouts, reverse hurdles then learn as Tony breaks down proper boxing technique as you prepare for HIIT.  Proper form maximizes results and will help you develop strength, be more explosive, and well balanced on your feet. We then move to train the abdominals---a key component of boxing and overall fitness. Then I'll will lead the group through challenging core exercises followed by a yoga strength and flexibility cool down, ending with a few moments of mindfulness and breathwork to complete the experience. 

We are excited to spend our Friday late afternoons with you this January! Class will be from 4:30-5:45 in the Team Training Room. We encourage you to grab a friend or family member and sign up. Make your Fridays fun and healthy by working out together and then heading off to dinner or a something fun. That's what we plan to do! 

Committing to a weekly workshop to start off the year is a great way to set the tone for your year. You are more likely to stay on track if you sign up and schedule something into your routine. There are a few spots left so hold your spot now by responding to this email! 

Fridays, Jan 4- Feb 1, 4:30-5:45
Attend at least 4 of 5 sessions. Limit 8 participants. $34 per session
Sign-up by emailing mlouie@themac.com or responding to this email. 


With gratitude,

Mandee Louie

Santosha Pilates, LLC