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I’ve just returned from an incredible, indescribable journey to the motherland of Africa. I believe Africa has changed me forever, like nowhere else on earth. And if you’ve been following me for some time, you know my world travels are fairly wide. The feeling of being a part of and inside nature is indescribable. The wonders I saw are memories my family will share as a secret, simply because we don’t have the words to explain. How could we describe the vast, dusty expanse of land we drove along, paths made by elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, ostrich and countless more? It is a different order of existence. I have seen God’s work in many places in this world, yet this continent felt more primal, like we had gone back to the beginning. The sunsets take your breath away, as do the stars. Seeing zebras and giraffes share the same waterhole and the plains of an unfathomable number of wildebeest living symbioticallygives a sense of peace. Their world is mostly in harmony, rocked only by the lions and hyenas, but such is nature. Africa has colors you didn’t know came from nature and content and happy Masai villagers living as hunter gatherers by choice in the untouched, vast plains. Africa is a resting place with music of the wild- snorts, brays, barks, squeels, roars, trumpets and chirps. There is a profound sense of space in Africa, not only in the land and sky, but in spirit and heart.

Although there is a part of me that always craves to travel far and often, I am always so happy to return home to you, my faithful students. The work I do with movement feeds my soul. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming workshops this spring and summer. Read on for info and respond to hold your spot! More Africa photos are featured toward the end of this newsletter. 



Join me for a non-impact conditioning class designed to strengthen and rejuvenate through the pure techniques of Pilates, Yoga, fitness and ballet. Moving through an intentional playlist of music, the class seamlessly incorporates alignment principles, balance, posture, and full body awareness. 
Space limited- register by responding to this email
First Friday's 
The Ellove Technique at Pacific NW Pilates
April 5th, May 3rd, Aug 2nd, Sept 6th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th
$18 pay ahead

$20 drop in


I am excited to team up with Dr Lindsey Nelson, the MAC in-house Naturopath, for a workshop on Thursday, April 25th from 1:30-3pm. Join us to gain an understanding of digestion and learn yoga postures that specifically target the digestive organs. No experience necessary- the yoga will be gentle and accessible, and you’ll come away with knowledge of natural treatments options for optimizing the GI and how to enhance digestion through nutrition. I have been on my own GI health journey and yoga + naturopathic care has been instrumental in my recovery- hence the inspiration for this workshop! Cost: $45. Sign-up online at www.themac.com or by calling At Your Service

My husband Tony and I are teaming up once again to offer a combination of our specialties! We had so much fun last summer teaching this workshop of boxing technique and conditioning with the added balance of core strength & stabilization exercises. We will take it outside of the MAC to the pickle ball courts on the terrace of the member parking garage to enjoy the nice weather, fresh air, and great workout! No experience necessary. Please contact me to hold your spot as we expect this to fill.
Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm
6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25
$34 per session. 

Respond to this e-mail to register.
Limited availability, hold your spot now!


Photos from Safari in Tanzania
March 2019